Pictures from 2006

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Christmas 2006

It was another fun year for Christmas, we had fun putting our tree upside down again (really its the only way it fits with our furniture).


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Mike's Cat DC


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Karen's Pooches: Milo & Otis


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My Grandfather PR had this piano for many years, it had seen better days with several thick layers of paint on it. 

Cheryl refinished this family heirloom for my aunt. 

As you can see she still has her talents!


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Air Force Junior ROTC 2006

Both boys are participating, along with their friend Christian.

Mike is a flight leader & played on the football team.

Will is on the Drill team.


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Halloween 2006

Pumpkins and hosting our friends Children for Candy!


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Every year we go to the largest gaming convention on the westcoast.


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Family Get Together

It was my birthday and it seemed like a good idea!


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Mike's 2006 Cross Country Season

Mike made his Varsity Letter and Runner of the Meet for 2 meets this year!



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We had a visit from our old friend Louise

Going on 20 years!



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 Live Action Role Play (LARP)

Dressing up like crazy people and beating on strangers!  Great Stuff!


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Mike & Some friends go to

 Magic Mountain



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Will's Tae Kwon Do

Tournament Competition & Promotions (Senior Green Belt now)



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 Cheryl has a Snake Party (BBQ)

Friends with similar interests!



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 Xochytl (so-chee)

Did not stay very small for very long!




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 Our New Puppy: Xochytl (so-chee)

Arrived Fathers Day 2006 at the age of 3 weeks or so (she was a rescue)


A Visit to the Dog Beach

Check 2

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Will Get's his Yellow Belt in Taekwondo




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Will Finally Gets His Hair Cut!!

No more white boy 'Fro

The Wild man!


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Mike's 17th Birthday

Small party this year



Dad, I'm thinking...Corvette?!


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Will's 8th Grade Graduation


Black is the timeless classic!

Stylin' & Profilin'

Yes, we are too sexy for this picture

Take a look at my thumb!

No really, look at my thumb!

Thumbs all around!


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The Monitors

Cheryl took our Monitor Lizards out for a stroll in the courtyard.

Rico & Goblyn

Goblyn, Rico's girlfriend

Rico really likes Goblyn!


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RenFair Take 2

Some of the Kids decided that they just haven't had enough!!!


Grant ... the Cavewoman

and Mike the Insane!

Yet Mysterious!

What am I doing here?

I am a badass.

Yes, I can smile, ant it's a nice one!


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Scott's New Car

2001 Red Corvette

Vanity plates won't come in for a few weeks: IMA YETI


Cheryl wanted her car up here too!


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Tattoo 2006

Scott's New Tattoo from Jason Martin at Lefty's in Orange



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Ren Fair 2006

Everyone getting gussied up!

Barbarian Bros!

I Am Bad!

And I enjoy Being Bad!

Very Bad!

Whatcha lookin at?

I can smile!

Just not right now!


I got the Sword!

And I like having it!

But I can't remember to tuck in my shirt!

Momma's so Proud!

Mom Making it look Good!

Smilin' Sisters

Quit grabbing my butt!

She takes a hot picture when she smiles!

Checkout the bloomers!

What's that?

More Pictures?!

Pucker up sunshine!





Jacob & Brittany




Tug of War

We Won!!

The Dudes



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Miscellaneous 2006

Just a few odds and ends.

The girls doing Mike's Hair

I'm so CUUUTE!

Mike drives SOOO good!

Rico looking wicked!

Zen William




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Track 2006

Running Hard!

He runs so fast!

Away from the pack


I'm catching them!

In the Pack

Take the picture.  I'm still in front!

Still Leading

Finishing Strong

It's fun being in front!


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Easter 2006

Just some pictures while we relaxed together!