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Christmas 2007


Will's Birthday


Will's First Driving Mishap

Happened the day he got his permit!


Fall Hay Harvest


New House in Alabama!!!


Lake Tahoe!!
Summer 07' we went to Tahoe with Scotts parents
We found a pretty little old church in Silver City
Scott and the boys went Hang Gliding!!
Cheryl and the Boys went Horseback riding!
On the way home we visited Manzanar


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Scotts parent came to visit summer 07!


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Jeff came to visit this summer


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Mikes 18th Birthday!


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 High School Graduation!!


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The Boat
Mike and his classmates built a boat in Physics class this year
The idea was to get all the way across the pool in the homemade boat
Mikes boat made it all the way accross!!


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ROTC and Prom
End of year~ the boys went to several different dances at school
Of course we had to take pics of them all dressed up!


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The Group

Virtually every weekend for the last 5 years, we've had between 5 and 10 teenagers over here at the house!  Got all of the boy's friends together for a group picture and put together an add for their yearbook.


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Animals: Early 2007

Some Pics of the Aminal



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Ryan's B-Day

Mike's Friend Ryan's Birthday


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