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Williams Birthday 2008

17 Years Old



Christmas 2008




Critters around the Farm


Muskogee Drake

Goats love to climb

Hear the dueling banjo's yet?

Warm place for a little Duck

I'm Jealous!

Momma Chicken

Ramses the Tortoise

Got his own License Plate

Red Tailed Hawk

Damage to the Turkey House from Wind

Putting up a better Roof



CrisisCon Sci Fi convention

Huntsville, AL Oct 2008


Dragoncon Sci Fi convention

Atlanta, Labor Day Weekend 2008



4th of July 2008



Omegacon Sci Fi convention

Birmingham, March 2008



Miscellaneous Farm Pictures

Our Fox (lives in the pasture)

Some other odds and ends

New Turkeys Hatching

Ramses the Turtle

Will looking like a wildman



Saga of the Emu part 1

Cheryl get a kick out of buying an Emu egg on eBay

She didn't think it would really hatch....and so the saga begins


Building a Chicken Coop


Chickens & Turkeys


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