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White Christmas

Heavy Snowfall (Rare for this part of Alabama) Christmas day

And there was no way we

were gonna let the critters

have all the fun playing

in the snow!



Christmas 2010

Chris, Kami, Ashlynne & Tyler Oliver

John, Tammy & JJ Hollister

Derek, Sheila, Kelsy, Connor & Zachary Drummond

John Finney

Matthew & Aaron Parker

Christopher Finney

Erin Hawkins

Steve and Elijah




Our New Rottweiler Puppy


Dragon*Con 2010

Sci-fi/Fantasy convention


Ruby Sophia Cartwright

7lb 10oz.  21 inches  born 9/1/2010 at 9:57am

All the babies from the Birthing group! Isabel and Emma

(Emma is holding Ruby)

Rob and Amy's Nieces


Family Pictures 2010
This is Elijah, my brother Steve's son and his family
Visit over at Rob & Amy's Place in Austin
Visit to the family in California


Will's Graduation 2010

Daphne Krone


Auston Smith



Will's Prom 2010


Imagicon 2010

Convention in Birmingham


Will's Play 2010

Wizard of Oz



Easter 2010

Still playin' with the kids!


ConNooga 2010

Multi-Fandom convention


Other 2010
Georgia Ren Faire 2010
Mike & Courtney at her Sr. Prom
Visit to Space & Rocket Center

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